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Gas and Boiler Leaks

A leaking boiler can lead to some health complications or damage to property. Leaking gas or boiler systems can cause untold misery, especially when you don’t know where the leak is emanating from. Different factors lead to these leaks, and you need to engage a professional service company to do the heavy lifting. Whether it’s worn out pump seals, corroded pipework or loose seals, you shouldn’t DIY such repairs. Dealing with carbon monoxide alone can be risky. You need to call Eco Efficient if you notice such leaks in your home or business premises around Cardiff.

If your boiler and gas system presents hitches and leaks, contact Eco Efficient Cardiff for a quick response. If left unattended, these leaks could lead to a disaster. When you call us, we act fast, and we put our special gas detection equipment to good use. We know how to detect hidden boiler leaks before they precipitate water damage. You don’t have to worry since our experts are accredited, approved and gas safe registered to handle small and complex system problems. We employ insured and certified specialists who know how to operate the latest tools to fix such leaks as soon as you report them. Don’t wait until the problem is too complicated. Call us now and enjoy a safe and energy efficient environment.

We Provide Planned or Emergency Services

When you call us for normal or emergency services, we get to your location fast. We have locally based experts who are within reach in Penarth, Rumney, Barry, Llandough or Pontprennau and all surrounding areas. The good thing with our gas and boiler leak experts is that they will quickly detect the problem, figure out the cause and fix it with finality. Don’t pick a service provider who relies on guesswork to identify where the leak is coming from. If they don’t have the kind of equipment that we use, they will cause more harm.

It’s important that you seek help for gas and boiler leaks as soon as possible. When we dispatch a team to your premises, they take time to explain their plan of action. You will have a peace of mind with our experts when they are handling your system. Our technicians come with the right attitude, and they respect customers and their premises. Not only will they clean after fixing your leak, but they will handle your property with care. We only dispatch credible specialists who have been vetted and their credentials verified.

When we offer services for gas and boiler leaks, we offer practical and fixed quotes. We offer a detailed breakdown of our services, and we get to work if you are satisfied with our proposition. We never bill for services you don’t need, and we won’t upsell or pressurize you to okay services you don’t need. There are no gas or boiler leaks we cannot handle, whether you have a combi or a conventional boiler model, we are up to the task.

Call us today, and we will go the extra mile to ensure your gas and boiler system is safe and reliable!

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